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My Story

Growing up in a country steeped in ancient history while pursuing a modern life career as an information technology engineer and practising various types of meditation since more than 30 years has enriched my perspective and expanded my awareness. Living and travelling to different places in the world, and working in diverse cultures, further fine-tuned both aspects, modern life needs and ancient wisdom. The knowledge I gained from these experiences has been dedicated to guiding people around me, both personally and professionally over the last 20 years. My aim has been to help them to see different perspectives for various situations so their decisions are much informed as possible, increase their focus and productivity, attain a calmer mind, reduce stress and burnout, and regulate their emotions, among many other scientifically proven meditation benefits. Eventually, the time came when I decided to make guidance my primary focus through DAWY.

My approach to meditation teachings doesn't advocate isolation and seeking peace through solitude. On the contrary, it encourages full immersion in your surroundings, as everything around you can contribute to a deeper understanding of yourself.

With the right attitude, a broad perspective, and, most importantly, good intentions, being actively present with your family, colleagues, and community can foster emotional and mental growth. In this way, meditation serves as an anchor, grounding you amidst the sea of life.

Our Scope

Our approach is grounded in science, providing a solid foundation for your practice. Research in the field of neuroscience has shown that regular meditation can lead to physical changes in the brain, promoting overall well-being and mental clarity.

By understanding the scientific basis of meditation, we aim to demystify this ancient practice and make it more accessible to everyone. Through evidence-based techniques and guided sessions, we help individuals harness the power of their minds to reduce stress, improve focus, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice, our science-based approach can support you on your journey towards holistic wellness.

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