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Our FREE online weekly meditation is back! Click here for all the details and join us for a rejuvenating session.

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Welcome to DAWY a serene sanctuary dedicated to helping you cultivate mindfulness in your life. Dive into a world of inner exploration and self-awareness as you embark on a journey towards greater peace, clarity, and well-being. Complementing this journey with profound potential of holistic well-being and vitality. Explore the extraordinary realm of energy healing, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to restore balance, harmony, and renewal to your life. 

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What are we offering

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Acquire knowledge and engage in various science-based meditation techniques to understand their mechanisms. Let us assist you in selecting the most suitable technique for you based on secular principles.

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If you're ready to give yourself the opportunity to benefit from the scientifically-proven power of energy healing. Give us the opportunity to be part of your journey.

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Meditation has become increasingly popular in the corporate world due to its numerous benefits. It can help reduce stress, increase focus and productivity, improve communication and teamwork, and boost overall well-being. By incorporating meditation into the workplace, companies can create a more positive and productive environment for their employees.

Alison Kirkman

“Sophie you have a great gift, the desert visualisation was wonderful. I'm so impressed you can do the meditations without a script,Really beautifully done."



I’ve had the pleasure of being guided on a meditation with Sophie a few times now I can honestly say she has a gift her words are

always on point and her voice is so soothing it’s like the her frequency is medication for the mind.

Thanks Sophie!

Much appreciated 


Nehal Nader 

“When Sophie asked me to open my eyes as the session finished . It was like I am opening my eyes for the first time in along time . I saw Colors of my own house a lot stronger and evident . I was so energetic and felt a sense of clarity with all of my surroundings . Although I had a lot of energy . I went into some deep sleep after Sophie left . For the rest of the day I felt in a happier and calmer mood .For me it’s a life changing experience”

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